About us

LifeSpain agency will help you find and purchase real estate in the most picturesque and prestigious areas of Spain: in the centre or the suburbs of Barcelona or on one of the popular Mediterranean coasts, such as Costa Dorada, Costa Maresme, Costa del Garraf, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol.

Any Spanish property turn-key ready

Our work involves an extensive package of services related to finding and purchasing real estate of any type: apartments, villas, town-houses, or commercial property, both under construction or on the secondary market.

Our services

Buying, selling and renting residential and commercial real estate in Spain (Costa Blanca, Barcelona, Costa Maresme, Costa Brava, Costa Garraf, Costa del Sol).

Sale and purchase legal arrangements:

  • Preparing documents for finalising the sale and purchase deal
  • Checking clean title or other encumbrances on property
  • Mortgage arrangements
  • Professional translator/interpreter services

Post-sale services:

  • Execution of contracts (on electricity, water, etc)
  • Buying furniture and other consumer goods
  • Property administration
  • Cars, yachts and private jets for rent
  • Transfer
  • Translator/interpreter services
  • Home renovation and capital repairs
  • Visa applications
  • Other services — subject to agreement


  • Individual approach to finding suitable investment projects
  • Analysis and expert evaluation of the price of property bought as investment
  • Bank estimates on any property
  • Legal support of the project until the moment it is finalized

Our professional approach, 10 years of experience on the Spanish real estate market, and competent analytical work help us respond to our customers’ requests in a timely manner. We only offer the options that match our customers’ criteria at reasonable prices.

If you choose to work with us, you get:

  • Access to the full Spanish real estate database (over 5000 options), including exclusive offers not released to the public;
  • Adequate prices because the first criteria we check when adding a new property to the database is value for money;
  • Assistance in finding the best option that matches your demands (permanent residence, vacation property, business, schooling for your children), is situated in your desired region and fits your price range;
  • An introductory visit to Spain; all services arranged: preparing documents, helping with visa applications, airport pick-up, escort, hotel booking, legal and banking support;
  • Extensive legal support in Russian on preparing your real estate title; confidentiality guaranteed at all stages (from the moment you start exploring your options until you receive the keys);
  • Consultation and assistance with mortgage application and financial transfers to Spain (we have been partners with Spain’s leading banks for many years now);
  • Fast communications with your real estate agency because — for your convenience — we have offices in Moscow, Barcelona and Alicante.

Important facts you need to know before you decide to buy property in Spain

  • In case you have decided to buy property in Spain, you’d rather not try to finalise the purchase on your own (you will have to spend a lot of money and efforts) or through your friends or relatives in Spain — what suits them won’t necessarily suit you!
  • If you are planning to buy real estate in Spain, consider all the options carefully. Are you sure you can really get what you want if you lack full information about the legal aspects related to moving abroad? We guarantee that with us, you will get what you’ve been looking for without any problems and we will assist you along the way. We don’t just provide consultation in Russia but also accompany them in Spain, helping them find their way in the new country and learn more about its laws and traditions.
  • A reputable, professional real estate agency will always offer you a wide list of options, both new and secondary.
  • When making your purchase through a real estate agency, you are also entitled to post-sale support and other services (translating/interpreting, legal support, mortgage application support, etc). In case you choose to deal directly with the developer, you will have to bear all the extra costs, which can amount up to €3000, yourself. You also profit when buying secondary properties through a real estate agent because real estate agencies charge the seller rather than the buyer; meanwhile, you benefit from the wide range of services offered by the agency.
  • According to Spanish law, both developers and real estate agencies are obliged to charge the same price for the same properties. Agency fee is always included in the price announced by the developer. In case of direct purchase, the developer simply keeps the sum. Moreover, developers can’t change the price in any way once it has been announced and the relevant sales tax has been paid, while real estate agency can negotiate for discounts.
  • Remember that no professional agency won’t claim that it can guarantee residence permits in Spain for its clients once they just finalise the deal. Residence permits remain the sole prerogative of the competent Spanish officials.
  • When choosing your real estate agency, make sure it is part of the national real estate exchange network (which shows its reliability).
Valeriy Simonyants
Expert, Managing Partner in Russia
Evgeniya Kuhareva
Sales manager, Moscow
Alex Markelov
Sales executive in Costa Blanca 
Speaks Russian and Spanish
Anastasia O`Hara
Sales executive in Costa Brava/Costa Maresme 
Speaks Russian and Spanish
Svetlana Kalinina
Expert, Sales executive in Barcelona/Costa Maresme/Costa Garraf, speaks Spanish and Russian
Esteban Polevoi
Expert, Sales executive in Costa Blanca, speaks Spanish/Russian/English
Victoria Erikson
Expert, Sales executive in Costa Blanca
Speaks Russian and Spanish
Pedro Beltran Gamir
Legal Department, Alicante
President of Intarnational Lawyers Network)
Irina Simonyants
Tourizm manager
Oxana Mamonova
Sales executive in Costa Blanca
Speaks Russian and Spanish

If you choose LifeSpain to be your guide through the world of Spanish real estate, you save time and energy, save money, and in the end get to own the property of your dreams.

Our best reward is knowing that our clients have found what they have been looking for!

For more information, call us at our Moscow number +7 (495) 789 4703, fill out one of the online forms: ‘Ask us’ or ‘Order callback’, or visit us in Moscow, Alicante or Barcelona.